Sehion Retreat Center, Attappady

Posted by Fr Nelson Madathikandam MCBS on January 8, 2013

Sehion Retreat Center, Attappady

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Attappady is a small and beautiful hill-range, in Palakkad district in Kerala state, India, blessed with a unique natural unconscious artistry consisting of many mountains, valleys and plains. A portion of the famous Silent Valley is indeed adding grace to this hill-range, from where the beautiful river – Bhavanipuzha – originates

Sehion Retreat CenterIt is in the midst of this natural beauty, the Almighty God has been gracious enough to choose and build His Banqueting House (Song of Solomon 2 : 4)- THE SEHION RETREAT CENTRE.

Situated in this valley of calmness, in the divine lap of silence, by the river of Bhavanipuzha, exactly in the middle of Mannarkkad – Anakkatty road route, this Retreat Centre is the home of the Holy Spirit, and spreads consistent hope of blessings to many who travel from far and near.

It is the official Retreat Center of Palakkad diocese. His Excellency Mar Jacob Manathodath, the Bishop of Palakkad diocese is the Patron of this Centre, under whose powerful guidance and paternal blessings, all activities of the various ministries are prayerfully held by Sehion Retreat Centre.

Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil is the founder-director of Sehion Retreat Centre. He is supported by Rev. Fr. Binoy Karimaruthunkal, the assistant director, and Fr. Antony Neumpurath, the joint-director. During 2002 and 2003, Rev. Fr. Augustine Vattoly was the first assistant director of the Centre. Rev. Fr. Soji Olickal served as the second assistant director of the Centre in 2004 and 2005.

Currently, along with Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan, the Retreat Centre activities and other ministries are serviced by Fr. Reni Pullukalayil, Fr. Soji Olickal, Fr. Binoy Karimaruthungal and well-supported by Bro. Sabu Kasarkode and Bro.Francis Nilambur,

The presence of God can be felt in the Retreat Centre, as the whole of the Centre is echoed with prayers and chants of praise and worship, round the clock.

Besides the services in the Centre, a dedicated team of priests and laymen used to conduct weekly retreats and conventions in several Parishes, Convents, Seminaries in major cities in Kerala and other states in India. The members of this team are graciously blessed by the Holy Spirit, and many miracles happen while they preach and spread the Word of God. Besides the crowds from within India, that are gathering to the periodical services of the team, led by Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil, many a gathering from abroad are attracted to the divine eloquence of Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan, evidencing the healing and redemption witnessed by the multitude present in each convention. A dedicated back-end team of councilors, intercession groups and a choir who are so blessed by the Holy Spirit add grace to the continuing preaching errands of the director of the Centre, Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil.

Sehion Retreat Centre has commenced telecast of its services through various reputed television channels.

Since April 2005, ‘ABHISHEKAGNI’ program led by Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil is being telecast via Shalom Television channel, on all Sundays, at 8.30 pm. Re-telecast of this program can be viewed on all Fridays at 11.00am, and for the viewers in Gulf region, it is re-telecast on all Saturdays at 1.30am IST.

Through Jeevan Television channel, the program, ‘MARANATHA’ is being telecast on all Saturdays at 6.00am, since April 2007.

Preparations are continuing for the commencement of telecast of a new program via Divine Vision channel, details of which will be communicated, shortly.

A special blessing from the Most High has been received, whereby the Retreat Centre has commenced ‘Live’ relay of first Friday services which take place at the Sehion Retreat Centre, Attappady, at 11.30am, exclusively for the viewers in the whole of Attappady area, through Moon T.V., a local cable T.V. channel.

A Spiritual dream which the whole teams of Sehion Ministries dream of, will come true soon.

Our confidence in our God impresses us to wait for the day when the Sehion Retreat Centre will commence its own Television Channel for the glory of God, to endlessly spread the Word of God, round the clock, round the globe!

“O Mother Mary my family is in deep distress, great sorrow and affliction. Please intercede for us before Your Son, our Lord Amen.”

Contact Sehion Retreat Center, Thavalam, Attappady

Sehion Ministries

Sehion Retreat Center
Thavalom P.O.
Attappady, Palakkad,
Kerala India
Pin : 678 582
Ph : 0091 4924 253333, 253647
mail :
Maranatha Media Center
Sanjoe Towers
Opp K.S.R.T.C
Shornur Road
Palakkad – 14
Kerala, India
ph : 0091 491 2504290
mail :
Sehion Television
Sanjoe Towers
Opp K.S.R.T.C
Shornur Road
Palakkad – 14
Kerala, India
ph : 0091 491 2504090
mail :
Abhishekagni Centre
Thavalom P.O.
Attappady, Palakkad,
Kerala India
Pin : 678 582
Ph : 0091 9447138314
mail :
Sehion Ministries
Thavalom P.O.
Attappady, Palakkad,
Kerala India
Pin : 678 582
Ph : 0091 9447138300
mail :

Contact Numbers

Sehion Retreat Centre
Administrator’s Office 04924 327709
Joint Director 04924 327708
Finance Office 04924 253274
Booking Office 04924 327710
Sehion Television Ministry
Office 0491 2504090
Joint Administrator (Br.Sabu) 09447924020
Maranatha Media Centre
Office 0491 2504290
Administrator (Br.Reji) 09745000701
Maranatha(Residence) 0491 2501089
Elshaddai Mobile Book Stall
Office 09287219100
Administrator(Br.Jinob George) 09947431340
Abhishekagni Centre
Office 09446004314
Joint Director(Rev.Fr.Francis Thotankara) 09744031350
Sehion Town Ministry
Administrator (Br.Simon) 09495451271
Intercession Ministry
Office 04924 204300
Administrator (Br.Manuel) 09539433668
Home Land Ministry
Administrator(Br.Papachan) 09745000741
Ebenezer Creation
Administrator(Br.Jinto) 09847199124
Sehion Ministries UK
Director (Rev.Fr.Soji Olickal) 00447727260575
Sehion Ministries USA
Administrator (Br.Johnson Nilambur) 0012145979784
Sehion Ministries for Youth & Children
Director (Rev.Fr.Reny Pullukalayil) 09745000731
Abhishekagni Camera Unit
Administrator (Br.Joseph) 09745000733
Sehion Ministries Central Office
Director (Rev.Fr.Xavier Khan Vattayil) 09745000740
Joint Director (Rev.Fr.Francis Thottankara) 09744961350
Sehion Ministries Office 09447138300

How To Reach Sehion

By Bus :

From Mannarkkad, a town in Palakkad – Calicut route, catch the bus to Annakkatty and board at Thavalam, infront of Sehion Retreat Center.

By Train :

Trains are available upto Palakkad Jn (Olavakkode) or Shornur Jn. Catch the bus to Mannarkad and follow the Bus Route

By Air :

From Cochin International Airport (Nedumbassery), Catch bus or train to Palakkad (NH 47) and follow the Bus route above

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  14. Manju Naveen said

    Dear Sehion Team,
    I am writing to you from New York in US.
    I have a very serious condition going on with my mother and I have been trying to contact Sehion Prayer Request number and could not come across any. I dearly hope this letter will reach you and Sehion will pray for my mother.
    My mother came to the US for the first time in september 4 2013 and in October she was admitted to hospital for chest pain and abdmonial pain.
    We never knew she had a serious heart condition. She underwent bypass surgery. Right side of her heart is not functioning. She is on a heart lung machine and a ventilator.But she is not recovering. It has been a month that she is in the ICU.Because of this, she has had multiple organ failures-Heart-lungs,Digestive system,Kidney failure, liver failure and bleeding in her stomach. Doctors have told me that they dont know what else to do. Please pray for me.Meanwhile my baby is born while my mother is in the hospital and she has not seen the baby till now. I am in deep pain. I hope Sehion team sees my request and pray for my mother to get healed. Hospital says there is no further treatment.
    I am in deep agony. Please help me. I am praying too. I know God can do miracles. I need your help too.

    My mother’s name: Mary from Calicut.

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    my name is maria.pls prayer for my mother,she have cancer for her breast pls pray for her

  17. Dear Reverend Fathers

    My name is Thomas Louis and I am writing to you from sharjah. I have two lovely daughters, an adorable wife and the most loving mother. My mother is here for 36 days to see us and she is the one who asked to request to Rev. Fr. Xaviour.
    My problem is the business that
    I have started here in Dubai and recently incurred a big loss in it and have no clue what to do. I have lost sleep and appetite.
    I am out of my mind. I am completely restless. Please help me to overcome this problem. I request you to please pray for me and my small family so that my business is back to normal
    I beg of thee.
    Please guide me in this moment of sorrow.
    I am a firm believer in Jesus and his teachings.
    I will always love and trust him.


    Thomas Louis

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    I am requesting your prayers for my relative.She is suffering from brain tumour and had an operation. The chance of her recovery is only 1%.She is in ventilator.She is a mother of 6 year & 5 year old children. I strongly believe in JESUS CHRIST and I am sure that he will save her .I believe in his power. Please pray for a miracle to happen.

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    I am angel from mattathipara,Pala diocese.I am working in a school.please pray for my family members ,colleagues and students.

  22. Angel Meby Bab said

    I am Jisha Joy from Ettumanoor.please pray for me and my family.

  23. Jisha Joy said

    i am jisha joy .pray for my marriage.

  24. merlin said

    I am merlin,
    Please pray for my and husbands visa renewal financial problem.

  25. William vinayan raj said

    Pray that all in my family experience Jesus as lord.

  26. JyothiJijo said

    Dear sehion retreat team,
    I am JyothiJijo.I am writing here in Bahrain.Please pray for us because we have no children,i have some problems to conceive a child.We all the family members are so much worried about my problem.Please remember us in ur prayers..

  27. shandy joseph said

    Dear Sehion retreat team,
    I am requesting your prayers for us. We are 13 students, starting 1 MSC exam on 3,5,7. Please remember us in your prayers.

  28. Saro Abraham said

    Please pray for my brother ninan jacob( manoj). He is 40 now, jobless, unmarried, living in worldly pleasures . I strongly believe only god can save him.Please pray for him.

  29. Joyce said

    Dear Sr/Brother,

    My name is Joyce from Bangalore, I have a brother who is 37 years old and still not got married. We tried in many place but nothing is happening. Kindly pray for him to get a gods child as his life partner. His name is Antony Sabu.

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